Fridmancat's Vavilon

Родословная Fridmancat's Vavilon


Отец: Timaracoon Gold Digger

kursor 03

Timaracoons-Golg-Digger Timaracoons-Golg-Digger6

Timaracoon Gold Digger1


Мать: Mainelynx Zonda of Gangstercat


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international Champion HAWKWIND'S BLUE MOON Bluo smoke MCO as  

Skywalker vom Magletsch Blue tabby blotched MCO a 22

Justcoons EL Guapo MCO es 23

Ch.EyeCatchers EL Capitano MCO ds 09

Justcoons Apple Blues MCO a 22 09

Lucy v.Stolzensee MCO g

Langstteich's Newcomer.L MCO n21

  Sunny v.Stolzensee MCO g 22

HAWKWIND'S Blue Heaven Blue-cream smok MCO gs

ECh.Top Gun of Summerplas MCO as  

Сh.Witchcats Sergeant Pepper MCO a

  Ch.Tailchaser's Mrs.Doubtfire MCO fs

Chilly Centenne of Feline Spirit's MCO d 22

Ch.EL Dorado of Chamberlain MCO e 22 09

  Cn.Fiona Mae Palace of Winds MCO f


GICh.Homelynx Clutching Luck Black tabby blotched MCO n 22  

Alwaro Maverick of Homelynx MCO n22 03

ICh.Wytopirlock H'Bono Madox MCO n 22 03

B'Glory Cat Cabarel MCO n 22

Langstteich's No'Angel of Homelynx MCO f

Langstteich's P'Non Plus Ultra MCO as

Langstteich's DD'Ambiente MCO f

Catsvill County's Fiesta Black tabby mackerel MCO n 23

Ch.Timaracoon's Las Vegas MCO n 23

Black Sky Belmicoon'PL MCO n 23

Paradiselsland's FarahDiba MCO f22

Belocoon's C\Silvana MCO n 22

Langstteich's N'Santa Cruz MCO a 03

DK Coonotopia's Sweet and Special MCO n 22

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